We all knew Logan was going to be dark, we all knew it was going to be sad, but nothing can really prepare you for the beautiful goodbye that is Logan. It was a gut-wrenching farewell to two of our favorite characters in comic books. The relationship between Wolverine and Professor Xavier has always been one of father and son and at the core of what Logan is about, family. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart performed their hearts out in a movie that is a drama first and action-adventure second.


There are few cinematic moments that are burned into my memory as heavily as seeing Xavier remember that one of his uncontrollable psychic outbursts was responsible for the death of several, if not all of the X-Men, made even more painful by the fact he is confessing not to who he thinks is Logan, but to Logan’s clone who is about to murder him in his bed. It is a secret that the movie holds onto close and adds another layer to their relationship. Logan has been Xavier’s caregiver for years in the wake of the death of the X-Men and slow extinction of all mutants in the world. Logan doesn’t pull any punches, the story barely gives you time to mourn. Logan’s daughter Laura is also a hugely surprising performance by Dafne Keen, you have no doubt from the moment she appears on screen that she is daughter of Wolverine.


Being related to Wolverine isn’t enough to make someone his true family, his own brother was a murderer (Sabertooth) and Logan even murdered his own biological father while defending his family as a child only to be rejected by his mother for being a mutant. Logan’s relationship with Xavier has been earned over the better part of two decades and realistically it isn’t earned from Laura till the final moments of the film. Even the warmest of moment of the movie with them eating dinner with another family that has taken them in, turns horribly tragic.


Logan maintained a brutal honesty in how characters felt about each other, talked about each other and even died. Logan’s last act of sacrificing himself to save a new generation of children who have also been experimented on is poetic. I saw Logan two weeks ago at an early screening and I’m still haunted by the movie, I can’t remember the last time that has happened to me. Even from a stunt perspective, I still have no idea how they did many of Laura’s fight scenes. The action in Logan is so absolutely vicious and distinct that it helps signal to audiences that this movie is playing for keeps.

We’ve invested so much time into these characters on and off screen that every moment of Logan feels heavily earned, honest. Logan exceeded all of my expectations, it is a beautiful film, but one that is bittersweet, take a moment, feel it.

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