Congress MLAs backed Akhilesh Yadav tie-up while disagreeing with their leaders. (PTI)

Congress MLAs backed Akhilesh Yadav tie-up while disagreeing with their leaders. Linking the current chaotic situation of Samajwadi Party to 1990s soap opera, Manish Tewari said that the power tussle was the “climax” of a “concerted power struggle over the past five years. The situation in SP is not a conflict of day or two, it has been like a disease that infected the party couple of months ago.” The crisis began when in a virtual rebellion against his father Mulayam, Akhilesh released his own list of 235 candidates for the 2017 assembly elections. This clearly indicated parting of ways between the two factions of the ruling party led by Akhilesh and his uncle Shivpal. Meanwhile, SP leader Amar Singh, who was allegedly accused of being behind the standoff in the party, termed the crisis as “unfortunate” and asked party members to support Mulayam in the family feud.

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Meanwhile, The Indian Express in a report said that the majority of the Congress MLAs in the state spoke in favor of a pre-poll pact with the SP under CM Akhilesh, mentioning the qualities like he is “popular”, has a “clean image” and that “secular parties should unite to defeat communal forces.” When UP Congress MLAs were questioned about the ‘Alliance’ issue, almost 10 of 20 MLAs favored that the party should enter into an alliance with Akhilesh. Here’s what the Congress MLAs said:

Kaushal Kishore Singh Munna (Nautanwa): “Both should do it — Congress and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. Because the target of both is the same.”

Vivek Kumar Singh (Banda): “If Akhilesh, Congress and RLD come together to fight the elections, you will see that the BJP will be a flop. Congress has 10-11% of the votes. Plus the SP and RLD. Samajwadi Party means Akhilesh now. He has become the face of SP.”

Lalitesh Pati Tripathi (Marihan): “If the Congress could come to power, it will be best. But the second best alternative is Akhilesh… because he listens to MLAs and has done some work in our constituencies. He is approachable and has a good image.”

Radhey Shyam Kannaujia (Jagdishpur): “My personal view is that now there is no way other than entering into an alliance. I think Congress should enter into an alliance with Akhilesh. We have to keep in mind 2019 as well.”

Ajay Kapoor (Kidwai Nagar): “Party should 100% enter into an alliance because the government will be formed by Akhilesh as he is the biggest face in UP. He has a clean image. Like Nitish Kumar formed the government in Bihar, he will form the government. Nobody can stop that.”

Umakanti Singh (Kalpi): “There should be alliance… it will be beneficial to both parties… to fight communal parties… in Bihar, it was successful and if an alliance takes shape here, it will be successful.”

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